Tina McEvoy

Sometimes good things can happen when you don’t expect them

This is one of those moments
I am looking for someone special to add the final and most important layer to this painting – it’s meaning
  • Do you like the painting?
  • Can you imagine having this art work in your home?
  • Are you a dog lover?

If your answer to these three questions is yes,

Welcome to my project

Art to help dogs in need

My project is simple – I do not sell my paintings. I ask for a donation made to my chosen charity StreetLife and give the painting as my personal thank you gift.

You are standing here in front of this painting at this moment, because:

  • the Real Marina Hotel & Spa Olhão is supporting this art project by kindly providing me with this space completely free of charge. This means 100% of all donations go directly to the charity.
  • there are many tens of thousands of dogs in this country waiting in shelters to be adopted. Many of them will never leave the shelters because the number of dogs in need for homes hopelessly outnumber the people able and willing to adopt.
  • every year countless unwanted puppies are dumped alive in cardboard boxes or plastic bags in the countryside and road side rubbish bins and left to die under horrific circumstances.
  • your donation would help sterilise 2 to 3 female dogs.
  • the project has proven to be a success. Sterilisation is the only way forward to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays.


My “Art to help dogs in need” project working with StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme is a great team effort helping families on low incomes in our local community. You could have one of these paintings in your home, as a daily reminder every time you look at your piece of art, of the help you have given to improve the lives of many dogs. 

I can create the art – you can give it it’s meaning. Together we can make a difference!

How to make a donation

There are several options on how to make a donation for this painting to the StreetLife Animal Association, depending on the length of your stay at the Real Marina Hotel & Spa Olhão:


Payment email address: donations@streetlife.pt

Please use the hotels email address for the payment confirmation. The friendly staff at the reception will advise you.

They will also provide you with a StreetLife donation receipt and hand the painting over to you, when they receive the confirmation email.

Bank transfer

Please ask at the reception for the bank details. You will receive the painting when the Association confirms that your donation has arrived.

Cash donation

You can leave your cash donation at the reception. You will receive a donation receipt and the painting. The full amount will be handed over to the StreetLife organisation at their next visit to the Real Marina Hotel & Spa.

Arrange a meeting with me

I am happy to meet you at the hotel reception. However, please notice that although I will do my best, I am not always able to arrange meetings at short notice. Business cards with my telephone number are provided in the small basket at the easel.  Alternatively please ask for help at the reception desk.


Some additional information