Tina McEvoy


Thank you for scanning the code.


I hope that you have a very enjoyable afternoon here at Oscars Bar.

Do you like these paintings?

Can you imagine having this art work in your home?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you might be the person in this room I am looking for. 


I have created these pieces especially for this event and now I am looking for somebody to add the final and most important layer to these paintings today – it’s meaning.



I am a visual artist and have painted for more than 30 years. 2020 was the first time that I came in contact with Benafim Dogs. I was so impressed by their work that I wanted to do something to help and decided to use my art to raise money. 

As my project started to take on shape and the first people purchased the art, I was fascinated by the experience, that the act of raising donations, transforms the painting from a decorative object to a very meaningful art piece. 

People tell me about the positive energy the painting has brought to their home. It is a constant reminder of the good that has been done. 

We are all here today to do some good for Benafim Dogs. We can all do something to help. I create the art – you can give it a meaning, together we can make a difference!

Very soon these paintings will be available for auction. If you have any questions about them, please look out for me, I am here at Oscars bar.

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